If you're on campus

If you need emergency help, call Security on 01273 87 (3333).  Emergency phones on campus (with blue flashing lights) connect direct to 24hr Security.  The Security team is located in York House next to the 24hr help-desk if you'd like to go there in person.
  • Security are first-aid trained.
  • Security will call 999 for you and coordinate guiding emergency services (such as an ambulance) to your address on campus.
  • Security can contact an on-call Residential Life Manager on your behalf who will be able to provide additional support and arrange an emergency accommodation move if necessary.
  • If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff of a specific gender, please let Security know.

If you're off campus

First, please call Emergency Services directly on 999 to ask for the police or an ambulance.

If you live in university-managed accommodation - follow up by contacting Security on 01273 87 (3333) so that they know that there is an emergency off-campus.  Security is a 24/7 service who will be able to advise you over the phone and coordinate further response, however please note that this team cannot leave campus.

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What support is available for you as a student?

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